Franchise Discovery Process

Typical Steps

  1. The Consultation: Getting to know you and your goals
  2. Determining the right business model
  3. Finding suitable matches
  4. Introductions to franchise companies
  5. Your due diligence and research 
  6. Validation: Speaking with franchisees
  7. Meeting the corporate team 
  8. Decision time: Yes or no?

Engaging Legal Experts

Just as you would not go to a personal injury lawyer for your real estate affairs, you should work with a knowledgeable franchise attorney for your franchise questions. I will connect you with experts who can help:

  1. Incorporate your business  
  2. Review franchise documents


Find out more


I can recommend franchise funding experts who will help you understand the nuances of special programs to finance the acquisition of franchises.

  1. SBA - Traditional & Express     
  2. 401K Rollovers
  3. HELOC
  4. Special programs for Veterans & First Responders (NEW!) 
  5. Unsecured & Portfolio Loans

My services come at no cost to you.

I am agnostic as to which franchise you choose, as long as it is right for you! You will receive my knowledge and resources free of charge. Like a Realtor or a head hunter, I earn a referral fee if a franchise is awarded to you.