Shefia I., E. Hartford

  • I am compelled to put in writing how much I appreciate the help you have provided to me.  When I decided I wanted to run a business, I had no idea where to begin; as usual, I went to the internet for information.  I got bombarded with many calls that I even regretted going online for information; however, one voice mail stood up from the rest, that was your voice mail.  I listened to it and something inside me said not to delete it as I did other voice mails.  About a week later, I listened to your voice mail again; that was when I decided to call you.  I was so glad I made that phone call; you held my hand and guided me to what we both though will work for me and my family, and for that, I thank you.  I will forever be grateful for your services and I will recommend your services any day to anyone who is interested in starting a business.   Again thank you.  

Melvin W., Hope Mills, NC

  • Elaine was incredible from the very beginning. She was diligent and highly committed to her work.  Before we started the business process, she felt it would be in our best interest to take the time to get to know each other.  She made me feel very comfortable while we went through the process of finding the right franchise for me. The quiality that I found most impressive and appreciative was her patience with me asking question after question and my constant calling due to nervous energy.    I had the opportunity to look at several franchises before I made my final decision.  Her knowledge of the scope of work for each franchise was very helpful.   As a retired Sargeant Major in the Army, I had several soldiers and civilians under my charge, I can tell you without hesitation, it would have been my honor to have her on my team.  Elaine has my deepest professional and now personal respect.  Her dedication to service brought a unique positive energy, optimism and passion which you as a customer, had to start believing in her vision for you.