I have been where you are. As a former franchisee, I have walked the walk and promise to be your honorable guide.

I'm happy to share my story, what's yours?  

I'm located in Massachusetts, helping people all over North America.


Elaine Vakalopoulos, B.S, M.S

Becoming a franchise consultant is a perfect convergence of my career spanning thirty years of brokerage, finance, analytics and small business management, including owning a franchise. 

After a decade matching tenants and buyers with the best commercial property options, I earned a Masters Degree in Real Estate from M.I.T.  

This took my real estate career to a new level, including Wall Street. Today, back on Main Street, I apply those same analytical skills to franchising.

Think of me as a Realtor of Franchises

A Realtor has an MLS inventory of homes that they can use to give you inside info on houses you may never have seen-- houses that match your wish list and budget. Like a Realtor, I have access to a database of thousands of franchises across over 30 categories.  Without guidance, it can be hard to know where to begin. That's where I come in.

Each franchise has unique criteria for their ideal candidate. My goal is to support your enlightened decision to ensure the best possible franchise-candidate match based upon your particular skill sets, personality, investment criteria, life goals and territory.  

Diligent and thorough, I will support you every step of the way.  

In the end, I am indifferent to which franchise a candidate pursues, provided it is suitable for them and the franchisor-- a win-win for all. 

Remember: my services come at no cost to you. 

Reach out to arrange a low-key conversation to learn if franchising is the right path for you.

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