This is Your Journey

What are Your Desires, Expectations and Goals?


This is the time to design your future.  As you embark upon this entrepreneurial path, how would you like your second act playing out?  

  1. What will owning your own business help to accomplish that is not available to you now?  Everyone is different, but there are common themes:  more control over work day/week; free time to be with family, golf, fish or charity;  more/less interaction with customers;  control of & creating own corporate culture;  working from home;  knowing you have an impact - on your customers, employees or community.  
  2. Now is also the time to be clear on what you do not want in your second act.  Maybe you only want to work Monday through Friday - no weekends and no emergency calls. Think about the types of customers or employees you prefer and your level of involvement on a day to day basis.      
  3. How do you envision yourself in your made-to-order role?   Do you want to go big or simplify your life?  Build and lead a team or be free of employees altogether?  Would a passive retail business suit you or a consultative service business?  
  4. Finally, what do you want a business to achieve in the short-term and long-term.  What are your revenue goals?   What will you aim for if anything was possible - not just practical.  Your goals and dreams will guide you as you investigate new opportunities and if they are not clearly defined, you may not recognize the opportunity when you see it.