Franchise Discovery Process

Typical Steps

  1. The Consultation
  2. Determining the Business Model
  3. Making the Suitable Match
  4. Introduction to Franchise Companies
  5. Due Diligence & Research 
  6. Validation - speaking with franchisees
  7. Meet the Corporate Team 
  8. Decision Time - Go/No Go

Frequently Asked Qs

  • What is the total investment required to open the business? 
  • How quickly can I make money? How much can I make? 
  • Do I fit the profile that this particular franchise is looking for?  
  • Are there loans available to start this kind of business, and if so, can I qualify?
  • What kind of training/support does the franchise offer?  

Who Buys Franchises?

One who: 

  • Is tired of working for someone else & wants to control their own schedule & destiny.  
  • Wants to improve earnings & create a more secure future. 
  • Wants to build for retirement or avoid the boredom of retirement. 
  • Builds something that can involve family members. 
  • Seeks to diversify their portfolio(s) and improve ROI.
  • Teachers to Rocket Scientists (really!)

Different Strokes

  • Full Time Model
  • Semi-Absentee (Manage-the-Manager)
  • Retail:  Simple or Sophisticated
  • Home Based or Mobile Service  
  • B2B, B2C or Mixed
  • Solopreneur

Getting Proper Professional Services

  • Just as you would not go to a Personal Injury lawyer for your Real Estate affairs, you should work with a knowledgeable Franchise Attorney for these matters:  

  1. Setting up your corporation.  
  2. Reviewing Franchise Documents 


  • We can introduce you to the franchise funding experts who know the ins and outs of programs to finance the acquisition of franchises.

  1. SBA - Traditional & Express     
  2. 401K Rollovers
  3. HELOC
  4. Special Programs for Veterans & First Responders (NEW!) 
  5. Unsecured & Portfolio Loans